You’ll never regret being kind

This morning, as all other days i feed the stray cats outside the place i work.
But today it was a bit strange, with strange i mean – YOU FUCKING CUNT

There was an old mother fucking cunt with absolutely no brain cells at all.

She told me to stop feeding the filth, that the cats are just stupid and should be killed.


Normally i am never in a loss of words , but this time, i did not have a clue what to say.

I think that this just proves one again how stupid the humans can be.

The stray animals in general did not ask to be living on the streets with no real shelter or food,


It is us so-called HUMANS , the strays relies on , we need to take our responsibility to take care of the animals. if it where up to me i would only surround me with animals all the time.

Because they show real kindness and truth, all in opposite for the humans.

Always take care of the strays in the way you can.

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