Yes, why are men so scared?

Why are the men so full of stupidity and excuses all the time?
Its like men are a fully evolved lying machine.
Men and relationship do not go hand in hand.
No matter how serious they claim they are , it shows really quick that they are the complete opposite
Same shit all the time, They can almost publish a novel explaining how good they are in all ways possible.
But in the end of the day all are the same, lies, excuses, blaming all others for anything and everything.
I can not even ens in my wildest dream understand why they are making everything so difficult,
If you like someone and that is mutual, for fuck sake , go for it.
Love and intimacy is something beautiful and should be embraced, Right?
I you are dating someone and all seams to be OK, just go for it.
No one can possible know or predict the outcome if it has not been given a change.
Maybe i am the crazy one that i easily fall in love, but when i find someone i like i always give it a change.
There is no excuse, either you want to take it further, or you don’t.
Yes and No, there is nothing in between.

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