IKEA Greece + Swedish Meatballs = FAIL

As everyone knows, I am SWEDISH. Not that I’m proud of it, but I am.
Yesterday we went to IKEA to eat SWEDISH MEATBALLS,
something I was relay looking forward to do since that’s the only Swedish stuff I have here in Greece.
But my Swedish blood has never boiled that much as it did on IKEA.
I was humiliated, I felt violated,

This is what I got…









And they had no fucking Lingon either, and they put some disgusting yellow hot cheese on it.
Yellow fucking hot cheese on my meatballs, are you insane, it’s a violation.
But the worst shit is they has fries not real boiled potatoes as it should be, they idiots told me if I want that I had to pay extra,

MEATBALLS WITH FRIES , Seriously, you should be ashamed.
And did I mention they did not even have any Lingon Berry.

After this terrible experience decided to actually complain about it, yes I called IKEA.
IKEA told me that all IKEA stores all over the world needs to follow how the meatballs should be severed.

How it should be…










So hopefully all will be better next time i go there ,  of not i will never go there again

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