Many people say that a Cat is just a Cat,
But if you say something like that,

I believe you never felt the loving touch of a cat or any other type of animal you prefer.

My cats are more sensitive and caring than most of the people I know.
I can honestly say, that my cats shows me what comfort and honesty is, more than any human ever did or will do.

It is an unconditional love, they love me no matter what.
If I’m sad they are always there comfort me at any time,

The Short Story of Hunter
Many years ago I was in a really dark place in my life, I had no will or power to live any more.
I just wanted to end it all, I didn’t see any ending of my misery, and still today I struggle to live a normal life.

With this words I want to tell you why a Cat is not only a Cat!!

Hunter is the one that literally, single handed saved my life.
He stopped me from taking my own life, Hunter was just a little kitten when HE FOUND ME.

But he saved me, he brought me back to life.
Hunter always understood when something was about to happened, he felt it.
He always stopped what was about to come.

I feel so much gratitude towards Hunter for what he did for me, I am alive because of him.

And today, it’s your Birthday

Happy 5th Birthday

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