The Solitude

The Solitude
The conclusion, I’m alone.

All my life I have tried to fit in amongst other people, but never felt I could belong to anything.
I never had a person I actually could call my best friend, I always missed that
I never had anyone I could call day and night when I had something on my mind
I always took care of myself, no one I could really trust with my feelings and thoughts.
Until this day I still can’t understand why, I’m not a bad person and I never hurt anyone.
I always treat other people with the love and respect I want people to treat me with.
So why am I still alone? Alone in this big gruesome world.
What have I ever done wrong, I just want to love and be loved.
I have so much love to give, my heart is an endless source of love.
But why can’t I find the one to give it to, why am I always being used and played with.
Why can I never find the real love, a love that I can chare my life with.
Someone that loves me for the one I’m really am, and not the one they tries to change me into.
I am the one that I am, and I’m proud of myself for just that, so why can’t other be happy for me,
Or simply happy for us,
I never could understand people who think they are better than others, because it’s just not right.
We all are different, but we have on big thing in common WE ARE HUMANS.

Always be kind to the one next to you, you never know when it’s over