Teleperformance (Best Workplace in Hell)

Integrity Respect Innovation Professionalism Commitment

I’m sorry Teleperformance, but you have no fucking clue what the words above even means
Let me make a translation so you all will understand

Integrity = Actually what they mean is we don’t give a fuck about you, you are a slave and just a number, we will not care if you die or end up in a mental hospital because our policy, ignorance and plain stupidity
Respect = Respect, what a fucking lie. That is something you must earn. And that you will never get or be able to show
Innovation = Hmm, If the mean invasion how to come up with new ideas how to make people sick, and be on Xanax for the rest of the employer’s life, then yes you know what invasion is
Professionalism = I can’t stop laughing, After I spent 13 years on TP, never seen or heard of it
Commitment = With that you mean, lie your ass of, to get people to come and work on your prison camp.

Best Workplace
A company that has never cared a shit about the poor souls that work there, where you on a daily basis are being treated a robot and just a number. I wonder how many people that actually know about that is and how they got that title, it’s just fucking hilarious how they can come up with such a lie.
Everyone that has spent more than one week on Teleperformance knows is a big fat lie.

Stay Tuned…
More will come about my life on Teleperformance.