Teleperformance (Best Workplace in Hell)

Integrity Respect Innovation Professionalism Commitment I’m sorry Teleperformance, but you have no fucking clue what the words above even means Let me make a translation so you all will understand Integrity = Actually what they mean is we don’t give a fuck about you, you are a slave and just a number, we will not care if you die or end up in a mental hospital because our policy, ignorance and plain stupidity Respect = Respect, what a fucking lie. Click To Read The Full Post

I’m trying -They fail me

I always try, I only wants LOVE. Why are men so scared, why can they not be honest. Why lead men on , why start something and then just toss me out like I’m yesterdays garbage Don’t know why, just getting sad. I thought this was real, but just another lie You told me you where 100%, but you where not. Just like the rest. How can you be so heartless, I have feelings.

One year without you

I can’t believe it’s already gone one year since you left us. Its difficult for all of us, but I believe you are happy and free now. I know you gave up already when grandpa left this earth. To lose someone you lived with your whole life with, and suddenly he is gone. I remember when you said to him on the funeral, I will see you soon. There is so many memories that is going around in my head Click To Read The Full Post